Fraser Gear’s revolutionary Tri-mill speeds up the kiwifruit flower milling process by combining three mills into one highly efficient flower cutting machine.

Milling male kiwifruit flowers to remove the anthers is the first step in extracting pollen for artificial pollination. Once milled and separated from the petals and other flower material, the anthers are loaded into trays for drying. Traditional mills often need to be loaded with the same flowers multiple times to ensure the anthers are removed and cut finely enough to dry quickly. Before the creation of the Tri-mill, many pollen suppliers has to set up three separate traditional mills and link them with conveyor belts so the flowers could be carried between them and milled three times.

Fraser Gear’s Tri-mill is a faster and more efficient way of milling kiwifruit flowers. Powered by a series of electric motors, it processes flowers using three separate milling heads within one drum, before neatly depositing the pollen-filled anthers onto a conveyor belt. This saves time and reduces the potential for wastage that can occur when flower material is transferred between three separate individual mills during the traditional milling process.

The Tri-mill comes with a sorting table and variable speed in-feed conveyor to control the flow of flowers through the Tri-mill. Its compact size makes it simple to store during the off-season and it is easy simple to clean and maintain, which reduces downtime and saves on maintenance costs.