The Fraser Gear Pollen Extractor is tailor made to separate pure pollen from milled kiwifruit flower anthers. It is more efficient than older pollen extractor models and its unique design ensures pollen filtration and packaging occurs within one machine, reducing the risk of losing valuable pollen during the extraction process.

The Fraser Gear Pollen Extractor is easily loaded using the supplied vacuum attachment. This attachment allows one or two people to vacuum milled kiwifruit flower anthers off drying trays and into the machine’s variable-speed pollen extraction chamber. Once loaded, a three-phase electric motor rotates the chamber to separate the kiwifruit pollen from the anthers using a 50 micron self-cleaning filter. The Pollen Extractor’s clear cyclone then separates the pollen from the airflow and drops it into a two-litre jar ready for storage.

Waste anthers can easily be removed from the Pollen Extractor via an easy-access door.