Fraser Gear is a specialised engineering business built on solving problems. Originally known as Orchard Engineering, Fraser Gear was established in 2000 by current directors Graham and Sharlene Fraser.

Graham Fraser was one of the original design engineers for New Zealand’s kiwifruit post-harvest industry and has a wealth of experience. Sharlene Fraser manages the office, often supporting our unique solutions and lending her creative flair to the products Fraser Gear designs.

Rather than mass producing machinery, our team of expert engineers create specialist solutions for the specific needs of each business we work with. If no current solutions fit your needs, we will create something that does. It’s all about finding solutions to specific problems, and we enjoy that.

From fruit handling and irrigation to horticulture and agriculture, from bin trailers to large-scale pollination solutions, we build high-quality bespoke machinery that works for you.

Fraser Gear is a business that has been built on solving problems. We don’t mass produce machinery, we help the horticulture industry find solutions to specific challenges. We specialise in high quality gear for pollen extraction, fruit handling, irrigation, horticulture and agriculture. It’s all about using engineering to help people improve their businesses.

~ Graham Fraser, Director, Fraser Gear


Reasons to choose Fraser Gear

  1. Tailored engineering solutions
  2. Expert advice from experienced engineers
  3. Outstanding customer service
  4. Unique products to improve efficiency
  5. Leading engineering support for kiwifruit industry